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moonlight n : the light of the moon; "moonlight is the smuggler's enemy"; "the moon was bright enough to read by" [syn: moonshine, moon] v : work a second job, usually after hours; "The law student is moonlighting as a taxi driver"

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As a surname Monelight in 1337, as Mone lith about 1300. Compound of mone "moon" + lith "light".



  1. The light reflected from the moon.
  2. In the context of "attributive": Illuminated by the light from the moon.


light reflected from the moon
  • Finnish: kuutamo, kuunvalo
  • Hungarian: holdfény, holdvilág
  • Russian: лунный свет
attributive: illuminated by the light from the moon


  1. To work at a secondary job, usually in the evening or during the night.

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to work at a secondary job


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For the 2007 CBS TV series, see Moonlight (TV series).
Moonlight is the light that comes to Earth from the Moon. This light does not originate from the Moon, but is actually reflected sunlight. The "intensity" of moonlight varies greatly depending on the current lunar phase, but even the full moon typically provides only a faint illumination of about 0.2 lx, so the full moon is about 500,000 times fainter than the sun. When the moon is viewed at high altitude at tropical latitudes, the illuminance can reach 1 lx. The color of moonlight, particularly near full moon, appears bluish to the human eye compared to most artificial light sources.
Moonlight is considered by many people to be more romantic than sunlight. For example, it is referenced in several love songs.
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be employed, bootleg, brew, carry on business, distill, do business, follow a trade, have a job, keep up, labor, moonbeam, moonglow, moonshine, practice a profession, set up shop, stay employed, toil, transact business, work, work at, work for
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